Genevieve (g_dawgmckickass) wrote in my_first_home,

Yay for springtime!

This weather calls for a picture update! It's all outside shots, but hey, after the winter we had, I think this counts as major home renovation.

This was Caddy testing our patio umbrella for structural soundness after we laid it on the ground to wash our deck. She fell asleep in there, so we assume that it's good to go.

These flowers were the coolest color - I also got bright orange. I bought them at the grocery store and I have no idea if I planted them in the right place. Hot pink though!

Allie got drunk and fell asleep in the catnip. Lush.


Last year I was so pissed off because our strawberry plants spent all their energy making new strawberry plants instead of berries, looks like this year they decided to get their asses in gear! We also bought a bunch of plants from Gurney's called Gurney's Whopper which claim to grow to the size of your palm...we'll see...

OK, so I admit that I didn't grow this tomato from seed, but it looks a hell of a lot nicer than the ones I did, so...

I went a little pea crazy this year, I have 30 plants that came up.

My new tulips came up! I planted them last year to try and add a little variety to solid red and yellow ones that were here when we moved in:

Happy spring planting 1st time home owners!
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