Theo (caelum) wrote in my_first_home,

Let the screaming commence

I don't actually have a house yet, so I hope soon-to-be first-timers count?

Anyway, I'm Conna, and within the next year or so I hope to at least have started the actual process of homebuying, barring some unfortunate financial or personal disaster, in Prattville, Alabama. (I love how Firefox wants to spellcheck my hometown as "Pratfall.")

I'm two months shy of 30, and while I've had my share of apartments and rooms-rented in the past, I'm now back at my parents' place in my little brother's old bedroom (oigh) because last year my landlady knocked on my door one night and said "Oh, hi, I'm getting married and selling the house in a month. You have to move out! :D :D :D" and I couldn't find a new place in my budget quick enough. And then my wisdom teeth hit me for about 1600, so there went my financial freedom for awhile.

But now I'm back at a place where I can actually start seriously planning for putting down roots, and damn, am I tired of living like a college vagabond. I'm also something of a dedicated spinster, so there's only myself to put the roof over.

I'm aiming for a house somewhere in the 60-80k range, and I know that won't get me a lot of house, I'm not a lot of person, so that's okay. And most houses come with three-four bedrooms these days, so I can always rent the extra rooms out if I need the extra cash. Also, this is a place I plan on being for a loooooong time, so I'm not concerned about its short-term resale value.

So I guess my question is, roundabout how much money should I be sitting on for things like inspections, realtor fees, other crap, before I even start looking for for-sale signs? Are there any good checklists I should start freaking out over? And how many still-beating hearts of virgins should I have on hand to sacrifice to the realtor gods?
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