ellie kay (ellie_kay) wrote in my_first_home,
ellie kay

First-time poster :-)

Hi everyone! I closed on my first home back in February and because it was a foreclosure, we've spent a TON of time fixing it up lately. I'm so proud of what we've done so far, and eager to show off what we will do in the future, so I was hoping to find some communities that I could share that in and maybe see pictures of others' fixing-up adventures :-) I hope it's okay if I post our home improvements as I go along...I know I love seeing real-life before and after pictures so I hope no one minds if I post mine here?

1. Please tell us your name, if you're comfortable with that. Lauren
2. Where is your home located? (City and state/province is fine) Brookfield, just outside of Chicago, IL
3. Age (a range is okay if you're uncomfortable) 26
4. Family status (i.e. "just me here!," "myself and my S.O.," "my entire family") Myself and my husband, and my brother and our friend are rooming with us for awhile so we can save up some money ;-)
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