Becky (becky_h) wrote in my_first_home,

We have finished closing, the previous owners gave us a gift card for Olive Garden and this weekend we get to start doing stuff. Well, assuming the utilities get turned on -- anyone know how long electricity and water take to be turned on?


Master bedroom on the left. The guest/Sophie's room on the right. The guest bedroom leads to the 'fourth' bedroom/extra room. We're probably going to use it as a guest sitting/computer room. Because frankly that room is mostly Sophie's and she needs somewhere to hang out upstairs, since the living room is downstairs.

Downstairs bedroom that the kids are (voluntarily) sharing. The coil of stuff is cable, not coming from the heater, as it appears.

Dining room. The bar obviously needs a new counter, but whatever -- that's not expensive or hard. I hate that the vinyl is vinyl but it's new and shiney so may as well stay until the dogs or kids destroy it. Why? Because...

This is what they did to most of the floors. This is obviously my (second) priority. Yeah, yeah, there's some problems there and need of a good sanding under the paint, but the paint makes it about a million times worse -- or more. It also makes it harder to deal with but whatever.

Also, when looking at this please remember we paid less for this house than most people pay for a car (or we paid for our van). There IS cosmetic work that needs to be done. Do I care? Noooooooo. In fact I'm really excited about it.
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