Jaelle n'ha Gilla (jaelle_n_gilla) wrote in my_first_home,
Jaelle n'ha Gilla

New here

Hey there! I just joined and thought it would be polite to introduce myself:

Name: Jaelle, or Jae for short
Age: 40
Home: I have a house, purchased two years ago, and it's in Germany, greater Frankfurt Area. It's 35 years old but well kept. It's a real brick house, or concrete more like it, located on a steep hill and thus 4 floors high. It starts at the bottom front with the garages, first floor only gets light from the front, second floor is at garden level at the back, and there's a big attic on top. I'll post a picture one of these days.
Maritial status: I live her with three cats, one of which is my boyfriend two cats and my boyfriend J.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
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