a heartful of you (aheartfulofyou) wrote in my_first_home,
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Mattress foam question

Hello! My partner and I just moved in to our first very own place together, after previously jumping from apartment to apartment together with roommates (and even at some point his mother's house). We're very excited!

However, I have a question about mattresses. We are currently sleeping on a futon with a very thin mattress, so the wooden frame hurts both of our backs while we sleep. We were looking into mattress toppers, but the zip-up futon mattress cover is so tight around the mattress that a topper wouldn't fit inside it, and we don't want to sleep directly on a piece of foam or have to put a sheet over the whole thing to sleep.

I was wondering if there is such a thing as a foam pad that goes under a mattress instead, in between the wooden frame and the mattress, to give it a little more comfortable thickness? We can't seem to locate any, or what they would be called. Do you think for money saving we could get such a thing at a craft or hardware store and cut it to size ourselves?

Thank you for any advice on this! Any ideas I haven't thought of yet are welcome, too!

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