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Cabinets Question

1. Please tell us your name, if you're comfortable with that.  Mike
2. Where is your home located? Hampton , Virginia (About 30-45 min from Williamsburg & Virginia Beach
3. Age (a range is okay if you're uncomfortable) 39
4. Family status : Myself, the wife, 2 kids and an assortment of pets.

Hi there, I just found this community, I've got a question about Cabinets folks here might be able to help me with.

We're currently in the last stages of remodeling the 2nd floor of my home. Trim work to finish, then final Electrical! yay!

I have a quandary.

Basically I have one long wall in the upstairs family room, that would be PERFECT for a long cabinet.
I'm imagining a 3-4 doors with the roll out shelving, so the kids can load the CRAP out of the shelves and still be able to reach everything.  Drawers may do well, but it feels like if you lose usable space more w/ drawers than with the roll out shelving.

The Problem is, I have a Very Narrow stair well to bring cabinets upstairs. In fact, the pass-through opening on the stairs is even narrower.  So given that my Stairwell is only 29" wide, and I am reasonably sure that my pass-through is only about 23" wide.. 

How do I get GOOD Cabinets, that will fit up the stairs?

1. Buy off the shelf at Home Depot/Lowes, cut the backs off the cabinets. (Messy and unlikely to work)

2.  Kit Bought from Home Depot/Lowes and order to a custom depth?

3. Custom Cabinets from local cabinet maker. (EXPENSIVE! I think..)

Anyone have suggestions? I might be able to pass something through the 2nd floor windows, but that would require renting a lift to get stuff up to the 2nd floor.
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You know, don't count out calling the local cabinet maker for a quote. There is a guy in town who's done some fabulous work for us. He turned an old TV armoire that we had into a dresser by adding some sliding drawers - for $150. He's also building a custom 7 foot tall pantry cabinet for our kitchen right now for $500 - I couldn't even find a pre-built for that cheap. And it is going to be a BITCH to install since we have a tilty old lathe and plaster 1911 house.

He's taking on small jobs right now because of the economy, so someone in your area may be as well.
custom cabinets can be expensive, but they'll have lots more options. The other poster is right too, a lot of folks are taking on extra or odd jobs 'cause of the economy, so you might be able to snag a deal.

Check to see if you have a building material recycling center near you too. Sometimes they have custom stuff that wasn't used and you can get at a better price. It's a shot in the dark, but worth looking into.

Good luck! Let us know how it comes out :)